In my last post, I introduced a service to have a good time when you visit New York. With these new packages, I want to give you an option to spend a day, or even a whole weekend, away from the routine.

If you still don’t have a two or at least one-week vacation to go on a cruise or visit another country, you can plan a getaway to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Today I will talk about the other five of the top 10 best sites and attractions in New York City that I and my partner NYCVP chose for you. Even if you visited all these places already, getting a pack with Mimi’s Getaway it will make you feel as it’s your first time.

Before continuing, I just want to remind you, these packages are for friends and family that are visiting you out of New York too. Sometimes, we have people over and we don’t know what to do to help them enjoy of their time off, mostly since they decided to spend time with us, we feel that responsibility of ensuring they are having a good time; just contact me and I will take care of everything.

Let’s start our second part.

1. A Broadway show.

Broadway is known by its amazing plays and musicals, for adults and children. Going to one of these shows in the Broadway Theater is one of the most unforgettable things in life. Because of its fame, I have included this venue in my packages, to pick the right sit for you to the show you always wanted to see.

2. Times Square.

Probably you’ve been here already, one of the most visited sites in New York City is this place surrounded by big advertising screens, where the ball is lifted in New Year, where thousands of people meet and officially can say “I have been in New York”.

3. Rockefeller Center.

Located in the center of Manhattan, this area of 19 commercial buildings is facing Fifth Avenue and is where you find the famous huge Christmas tree every year. The Rockefeller Center is where the NBC Studios are located; talk to Mimi to get a tour, you never know, maybe you can be on TV.

4. Top of the Rock

This is part of the last point, but I want to separate it because this attraction by itself is just a wonderful experience. The observatory on top of the Rockefeller Center is from where many of the great photos have been taken. This stunning view will just engrave something special on your memory about New York.

5. National 9/11 Memorial

We left this one for last, because of the sentiment that arises when we remember where the iconic Twin Towers were located and what happened years ago in 2001 and 1993 World Trade Center bombing. This museum is run by a Non-for-profit organization and you can read more about it’s Mission Statement in Wikipedia.


There are so many amazing locations and attractions that will make your visit to New York City a unique experience, and all this is always complemented by thousands of restaurants and hotels to make your trip nicer, and we know the best places to pamper you.

Contact Mimi’s Getaway today and ask about our packages and next events. A tour to New York City has a name by itself, a tour to New York City with Mimi’s Getaways is a thing that you have to live by yourself.