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If you can't find a package for you your vacation days you can always call Mimi, she will create a personalized plan for you!
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Mimi knows how important is your Honeymoon, she is a beloved wife. Therefor, with Mimi, you will find the perfect package to start your marriage with the right foot.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go, maybe you and your future spouse like the mountains, or maybe you want to escape to a Caribbean paradise, or you want to enjoy of a city in Europe, or just get to know a little bit more about a new culture.

Contact today Mimi, and let’s create the package that will save you money, so you can spend on what really matters.


With Mimi’s Getaway, your Honeymoon will be unforgettable, we are pretty sure that is the main goal of it.

  • Personalized Getaway.
  • Best prices on the market.
  • All Inclusive packages.
  • Follow up with your destination while you are on your trip.
  • Personalized Customer Service.

Here are some suggestions

You can plan your honey to a romantic Greek Island, or maybe you would like to visit Paris. Another wonderful city we recommend is Venecia.

Famous Cities

There is beautiful islands you can visit to escape from the cold of United States if your honeymoon can’t be during summer time. Mimi completed a certification by Sandals.

The Caribbean

Let’s put a special touch to your romantic getaway, and plan a honeymoon with one of the wonderful Cruise that go through the ocean, visiting the most important ports of different cities.

The Ocean

If you’re tase is more for a cabin in the woods, and you love hiking and lakes, not a problem, Mimi knows the best places where you can enjoy your Honeymoon with the nature.

The Mountains