The 5 countries you should visit in South and Central America.

Today I want to talk about some options that most of the travelers don’t consider when is about visiting other countries. If you ask anybody, where would you like to go, 80% will say places in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. We will change this a little bit because there are some gems you should […]

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How to have a great time in New York City (Part II)

In my last post, I introduced a service to have a good time when you visit New York. With these new packages, I want to give you an option to spend a day, or even a whole weekend, away from the routine. If you still don’t have a two or at least one-week vacation to […]

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Introducing a new way to have a good time in New York City. (Part 1)

Mimi’s Getaway is always thinking about the best way to help you enjoy of a time off from work and the daily routine. I recommend to plan a getaway on a Cruise for your next vacation time, to visit a beautiful island in the Caribbean or even find a beautiful place in Europe; but what […]

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A getaway gift idea for Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is not an easy task, because we all want to impress the love of our lives in ways that will be unforgettable. The most common gifts are flowers and dinner, but what would happen if this time you do something different? Sometimes it’s necessary to do an extra […]

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