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Mimi’s Getaway has been bringing to you the best packages and tours for you and your family, now with my official site, the planning of your vacation will be easier and faster.

It doesn’t matter when would you have time for your getaway, and if you are going by yourself, with your spouse, or the whole family, Mimi is here to plan with you the best vacation ever.

I am a Blissful wife, nurturing mother of 5 young men. With a career and firm belief that there is no greater commitment to Public Service.

One of the main characteristics of working with me is the personal touch that a big agency won’t give you. I will dedicate myself in ensuring that your next trip will be unforgettable. I guarantee your experience because I am a traveler myself.

Mimi's Getaway ultimate travel experience

Mimi Provides The Ultimate Travel Experience

1. Support your local travel agent who is there to help you and is your neighbor.

2. We are your personal Travel Broker with a comprehensive worldwide portfolio of over 350,000 hotels.

3. Harness the power of our on-line technology combined with our off-line concierge service.

4. Mimi is well positioned in the industry.

5. We take the complication out of both domestic and international travel commerce.

6. Our relationships with global travel partners insure a reliable travel experience in a dynamic travel space.


Yearly Cruises

Every year I'm creating special cruises packages for you to enjoy, taking you to amazing paradises and riding in the most amazing floating resorts.



The loyalty of our customers is amazing, our community of travelers is increasing every month, and all because of the attention and customer service I offer.



Every day I'm working on the discovery of new places, beaches, resorts, islands, cities, etc. to take to places that you will never forget for their beauty.



During my years of experience I have booked so many trips, flights, cruises, hotels, cars, and the list keeps growing because I love servicing you.

"Hi, I’m Mimi. It’s so wonderful to have you here. I hope you find the perfect place for your getaway. Mimi’s Getaway is located in New York and serves clients all across the country. Let me help you to plan your next trip whether is with your family, a romantic escape, or even a business trip. Start navigating and if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact me, because I want to make sure you enjoy your time off."

Mimi and her husband

Mimi Thomas

Independent Travel Agent

Royal Caribbean University
Hawaiian Certificate
College of Disney Knowledge
Sandals Certification
Pro Palace Specialist program
Palace Resorts Certificate

Aruba Trip 2019!

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